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Our goal is to ensure that members of underrepresented communities have a seat at the industry creative and decision making table

We do this by working with our partners to develop and produce quality feature films and series.


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ONE OF THOSE DAYS - A Romantic Comedy

After a particularly stressful morning, a type-A CEO finds herself under investigation for a fraud committed by her fiancé, who is also the CFO of her company.

The world's worst day gets further complicated when she meets a dashing Salsero (a salsa dance enthusiast) and his vapid stripper girlfriend, who find themselves on the run from violent weed dispensary owners in the search of unpaid debt. 

TAKE MY WIVE PLEASE - Comedy - Drama

After irreverent jokester Matt is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he sets about living out the remainder of his days while completing a short bucket list. First thing on the agenda: Find his wife a new husband.

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FIGMENTS - A Comedy - Horror

After a traumatic event, Gabby James psyche splits into various personalities or figments that she interacts with. She finds her sheltered existence threatened when one menacing figment begins to kill off the other figments, in order to gain dominance. Now Gabby must uncover the identity of the killer, protect the other figments from being slaughtered one by one, while trying to keep her fractured mentality a secret from her visiting ex-boyfriend. 

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