8 Short Film Feature Length Anthology

For over 100 years, people of color, women, the disabled, the LGBTQ+ community and people starting out over 40 have been underrepresented in positions of power and creative leadership in the film industry. Open Door Film Project changes that by giving a “seat at the table” to 8 emerging directors from these diverse backgrounds. In conjunction with major power players and advocacy organizations throughout the industry, and with the support of film lovers around the world, this groundbreaking project will hire the directors, provide international exposure, and direct contact with major Hollywood influencers. Traditionally marginalized talent will finally take center stage and be given the recognition they deserve. Let’s wake up Hollywood!! The time for waiting is over. The time for change is NOW. 

We will be producing a 8 Short Films to create 1feature film Anthology. In June 2021, we will be launching our crowdfunding campaing to raise approxamatley $200,000. We hope you join us. 

You’re Invited to the Show

The Open Door Film Project Awards Show is a ceremony that celebrates the hard work and creativity of 10 talented up-and-coming filmmakers by presenting awards for excellence in various categories. The 10 finished short films will be posted on our website, and each category will be voted on by our supporters and the general public. The Apartment 206 Films Open Door Awards Ceremony will be an elegant live-streamed event that you won't want to miss.

How Can I Support?

The support of the film industry and the general public is vital to the success of the program. Through crowdfunding, sponsorship, and talent donations, we will be able to elevate the quality of the  Open Door Film Project.