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Crowdfunding Campaign

"Join our Team and get your foot through the Open Door by becoming a Core Team Member! A Core Team member takes a leadership role in getting the word out about our up-and-coming crowdfunding campaign. The Open Door Film Project is gearing up to launch a thrilling crowdfunding campaign to independently fund our Sci-fi Anthology, PROJECT 8.


PROJECT 8 is set in the distant future and follows a woman who wakes up from a cryogenic sleep to discover that she is now the property of a knowledge-seeking artificial intelligence and its holographic assistant, who set about subjecting the woman to a series of short films with the goal of stimulating her emotions and learning more about human behavior. Our Anthology includes 8 diverse directors heading up 8 varied, multi-genre films. By raising these funds, we will be able to green light ourselves, helping to pave the pathway for our future film and television production company based on inclusion. 


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As an Open Door Core Team Member, you'll help with our crowdfunding efforts and outreach, explore the filmmaking process from the inside out and be exposed to the areas of the industry that interest you, and last but not least, you will also learn how to create and market a successful campaign from the Kickstarter Guy, thus allowing you to empower yourself and fully realize your own personal projects."


Click the CORE TEAM MEMBERS FOR DUMMIES for more information. 

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