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As a prelude to the 2021 Open Door Film Project we are introducing the The Open Door Film Spotlight.  The Open Door Film Spotlight will uplift and bring a focus to underrepresented talent by introducing you to various directors and their short films. Once a week we will bring you short films that we find which have been made by, or starting people who we believe should be in the SPOTLIGHT.  We will spread the word to you via social media and various publications. Then we hope that you will spread the video link to your friends.  This way each of us has a hand in building a community that will support the films we make.  Even though the time for change is now, the process of change takes time. The goal of the Open Door Film Spotlight and the Open Door Film Project is to foster change along with those agencies and individuals who are currently changing the industry one film at a time and especially those changing the industry one short film at a time.  

nine minutes

In the near future, an experienced astronaut, Lilian, and her A.I. explore a newly discovered planet. After weeks of research, a malfunction during the return launch forces Lilian to choose between survival and completing the mission.

Dust 9 Minutes.jpg

This short film staring Constance Wu, predates the feature film CRAZY RICH ASIANS, in which was co-lead. 

Title: Nine Minutes

Cast: Constance Wu

Cast: Reggi Watts

Director: Ernie Gilbert

Writers: Devin Conroy | Ernie Gilbert

Producers: Devin Conroy | Emily Good

Composer: This Will Destroy You

Cinematographer: Sing Howe Yam

Editor: Wes Smith

Production Designer: William Lee Wilson-Silas


You’re Invited to the Show

The Open Door Film Project Awards Show is a ceremony that celebrates the hard work and creativity of 10 talented up-and-coming filmmakers by presenting awards for excellence in various categories. The 10 finished short films will be posted on our website, and each category will be voted on by our supporters and the general public. The Apartment 206 Films Open Door Awards Ceremony will be an elegant live-streamed event that you won't want to miss.

How Can I Support?

The support of the film industry and the general public is vital to the success of the program. Through crowdfunding, sponsorship, and talent donations, we will be able to elevate the quality of the  Open Door Film Project.  

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