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The Goal

Ensure Diversity in Filmmaking

Our goal is to increase diversity in filmmaking through a collective effort - empowerment organizations, top entertainment companies and worldwide audiences. By showcasing the quality of our creative pool, we ensure that great content by diverse filmmakers has an international audience, elevate more individuals into decision-making roles and open doors that have previously been closed to these communities.

The Directors

Underrepresented Backgrounds and Communities

We will empower, elevate, and highlight 8directors from underrepresented backgrounds in our society. This includes men and women from various ethnicities, LGBTQ communities, and the differently abled.

The Production Team

Anyone can Participate

If this is something you feel like you can support, you are more than welcome to submit your script, throw on your producer’s cap, DP, grip, build sets, or join in however you see fit. Your support is wanted and needed.​​​​​​​


Crowd Funding and Sponsorships

To make this happen, we will raise money through crowd funding and sponsorship. After funding is raised, we will purchase 8 scripts and hire 8 directors and production teams. The money will also be used for support staff, marketing and advertising, legal fees, and accounting, as we plan to make this an annual event

The Premiere

8 Episode Anthology from 8 Directors

Once production is completed, we will hold a red carpet premiere.

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