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Jose Nateras is an L.A. based Actor & Writer from Chicago. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, he has his MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) as well. A screenwriter and playwright, Jose is also a contributor for The Gamer, The A.V. Club, and elsewhere. His debut novel, Testament, was released by Ninestar Press and his original feature-length horror screenplay, Departing Seniors, is currently in pre-production. Follow him on Twitter: @JoseNateras & Instagram: @JLorca13



Script Reader

Matthew Knobloch recently graduated college and made the move from his native Boston to the West Coast. While studying English he discovered a passion for writing and film which later blossomed into a love for screenwriting. Over the course of the past couple of years he has written multiple short film screenplays and feature length films. His drive and passion is evident in all that he does.  Matthew enjoys the process of collaboration and feels that story analysis and development is an invaluable part of the filmmaking process.  Matthew is happy to be a part of The Open Door Film Project, and he hopes that this newest collaboration will help to bring the voices of the disenfranchised to the forefront of the film industry, and the world. 

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Script Reader

Insanely creative artist Vanessa Evans has worked as "Jack of all Trades" in theatres from coast to coast. When not directing or choreographing, you can you usually find Vanessa on stage performing in a musical. Vanessa is graduate of the American Musical and Dramatics Academy of New York City. 

Whether it's behind the scenes as a makeup artist or up front and center as director/choreographer, Vanessa has recently enjoyed helping to develop theatre programs around Orange County, California. She has also recently entered into the world of writing for the screen.  Aside from scripting various feature length and short film projects, she is currently in the middle of development and pre-production for an ambitious, multi-season web series.  

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Script Reader

Marcella (She/Her) has spent years in German and American TV and Film production, and is so excited to be moving into the development process with the lovely team at Open Door. She is bringing her Media Studies background and progressive vision for film to script analysis for this project.



Scrip Reader

Caitlynn Richard is a screenwriter, content creator, and producer based in Los Angeles. She has worked as a Content Creator and Producer for the past three years and writes for her own blog, She is dedicated to helping open doors for writers and creatives to tell their stories and create an industry that reflects the diversity of our world today.

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Clarance Williams

Script Reader

Clarence is passionate about the creative process of filmmaking. To him, there is nothing better than collaborating with other like-minded individuals to produce incredible works that relate to many on a multitude of levels. He carries that mindset to all projects from short films to network productions. 


Experienced in both development, production, and post-production, Clarence has worked on a variety of projects in both the traditional and digital spaces, such projects as; Battle of the Network Stars (ABC), Celebrity Undercover Boss (CBS), United Shades of America (CNN), American Barbecue Showdown (Netflix), and While Black (Snapchat). Clarence often liaises between development, production and post teams to ensure communication and efficiency.  


Clarence strives to improve not just the look, but also the behavior of the entertainment business. He believes it starts with treating people better.